"Silver Eagle"
  1. Silver Eagle
  2. Beautiful Time
  3. If I lay Down The Bottle
  4. You'll Never Know
  5. Shopping For Dresses
  6. I Love Women
  7. This Song Is For You
  8. You've Got Your Pride
  9. Women
  10. Star Spangeld Country Song
  11. Big Butter And Egg Man
His country style is at it's best on this CD with the title song "Silver Eagle" a song Freddy wrote about his good friend, Merle Haggard.
Although Merle and George Jones recorded it in the 80's, this is Freddy's first cut of the song. Another Powers song is "You've Got Your Pride," a haunting melody that will stick in your mind. Two songs on the CD bring out a bit of Freddy's old style such as "You'll Never Know" and "Big Butter and Egg Man."